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A selection of some of the projects Dan has worked on both for clients and personal projects. Skulls, flowers, high contrast colors and an ever racing mind are the backbone of Dan’s work. Inspired by Neo Traditional tattooing, 90's comic books, cyberpunk, fantasy, and surrealism, he thrives on blending the beautiful and the grisly to create unique and interesting images.

Solace Shattered Reflections of a Past Best Forgotten

Glitch Snake

Haytor-Sore Thumb Single

Downland Self Titled EP

Downland Garland Tee Downland Drumskin

Neue Nero

Growing Pains

Cry Baby

Nihilist Tee



Solace: Shattered Reflections Year Anniversary

Flowers Where Your Face Should Be

Hand Of Fate

Downland: Is there Anything Madder? (single Cover)

Earl Grey

Lady Grey

Who angered the forest spririt?

Just Breathe

Is There Anything Madder? Tee Design

Nihilist Tee

Dungeons and Dragons Character Commission

#141 Kabutops for @Pocketmonstersillustrated

Solace: Shattered Reflections Year Anniversary

Self Affirmation

(Please Remain Calm)

Downland Self Titled EP

Downland Self Titled EP

Women Are From Venus

Breath in. Breath out.

New Moon

Nihilist Social Club: Paradise Found

Paradise Found Photoshoot

Solace Shattered Reflections Tee

About Me

Dan is a Freelance Illustrator & Designer originally from the UK but now living in Sacramento, CA. Dan got his Illustration degree from Plymouth University in 2016. Working as a teacher of design and media allowed Dan to take on projects that he saw the most value in. He has been cutting his teeth working independently to create fun and original designs for bands, brands, clothing companies, and a wide range of other clients, which has prepared him to work full time in the design field.


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He is experienced in:

Logo Design | Branding | Merchandise | Print formatting | Personal Portraits | Character Design